Today, we’re excited to announce that Humin has been acquired by Tinder.

When we founded this company in 2012, we wanted to create technology that helped users meet new people, connect with friends, and manage their relationships in the real world

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done with Humin and Knock Knock to solve some of these problems. But this is all just the beginning.

Our friends at Tinder share our underlying vision and have already revolutionized the world of dating. Now, as a part of Tinder, we believe that together we can make it easier than ever to meet amazing new people and connect with your friends - at a scale we could never reach alone.

All our existing users will be able to continue using Humin and Knock Knock for the time being. And for everyone else, keep an eye out for some exciting new product announcements in Tinder’s future :).

- Humin Team